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eSmokeClub: Products & Services

eSmokeClub is the answer to smokers who want to give up smoking although they do not market their products as such they are sold as personal vaporizers which are alternatives to real cigarettes.

Their products include

They stock hundreds of unique products including several different types of electronic cigarettes and none of them contain any tobacco and are free from the cartinogens and toxins found in real cigarettes.

eSmokeClub: Company Background

eSmokeClub is based in Attica,MI and was started in 2009 after the founders became frustrated with faulty equipment and poor customer service from other ecigarette companies.

They believe honesty is the best policy and they are upfront in saying they do not know if they are healthier than real cigarettes,they leave it to the customer to dio their own research.They want to share the pleasure of electronic cigarettes as an alternative to real ones and they are marketed as personal vaporizers.

eSmokeClub: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Reviews of eSmokeClub from the Trust Pilot website

I received my order quicker than expected and am very pleased with the purchasing experience and the products.I own a busy online business and my company is highly rated for our speed,prices and service.It's rare that I encounter shops that match my company's level of service and eSmokeClub does.David Direl,Marlborough.

Reviews of eSmokeClub from the Merchant Circle website

The customer service at eSmoke Club is outstanding.I received my items in 1-2 days,highly recommend.K.Ruiz

Took care of my order as well as one for a family member.Outstanding products and support.

As a customer of eSmoke Club I have found the service to be outstanding.The products are fabulous and I can hardly wait to order my next bottle of Totally Wicked. Jim Jacques

eSmokeClub: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

eSmokeClub is not a BBB accredited business and has not been rated by them.This company does not appear to have any accreditations or awards.

eSmokeClub has been a member of Merchant Circle since May 2009.The comnpany classes itself as a club rather than a business which may be the reason it has not applied for a BBB rating.

eSmokeClub: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Alexa has given eSmokeClub a global rating of 2,013726 with 740 sites linking in. The percentage of global internet users visiting this site is 0.6%.Alexa has not achieved a rating from individual countries probably because their main trade is in the US including New York.

eSmokeClub has a google page ranking of 1 out of 10. Google gives young companies a low ranking and they build up with every year they are in business.

eSmokeClub: Social Media Presence

eSmokeClub is on Facebook and has 263 likes.There have been a number of posts from the company since the company was founded in 2009 but none from them in August.There are several from their supporters and a number of recommendations.

The company is also on Twitter but they only have one tweet from the company.There are 2 following and 12 followers.They seem to post more on their Merchant Circle page.

eSmokeClub: Website Security & Safety

eSmokeClub is a very secure site which is protected with a Go server certificate and all transactions on this site are protected with a 256-bit secure sockets layer encryption.

Carrying out the google diagnostic test on following information came up.

The site is not currently listed as suspicious and over the past 90 days did not appear to function as suspicious for the infection of any sites nor has it hosted malicious software.

eSmokeClub: Pricing & Packages

Sample prices from eSmokeClub

eSmokeClub: Shipping Rates & Policies

eSmokeClub ships their products around the world.International customers are responsible for checking their own import and customs charges as these vary from country to country.

Within the United States they offer free shipping on all orders over $20 and they ship out the same day or the next business day at the latest.

eSmokeClub: Payment Methods Accepted

eSmokeClub accepts Visa and Mastercards to make purchase online.They have strict rules and regulations and customers have to be 18 years-old or more to purchase or ujse electronic cigarettes.

Anyone wishing to pay by any othere method should contact the company toll-free on (866) 657 0088. the company does not operate PayPal.

eSmokeClub: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

eSmokeClub does not offer a try before you buy policy as any opened products cannot be re-stocked,refunded or exchanged.Unopened products or parts may be returned for a refund within 7 days of receipt.

eSmokeClub operate a 180 day warranty (90 day on atomizers) on parts that fail within that period.l

eSmokeClub: Product images & screenshots
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